Do you have questions about planning for, designing and installing a swimming pool or spa? With over 40 years of industry experience, Mountainside Pools & Spas is happy to answer your inground swimming pool and spa FAQs.

Check out our answers to some of the most common questions we receive and learn more about what goes into building an inground swimming pool and spa.

  • “Is it cheaper to build a rectangle or kidney compared to a freeform shaped pool?”

    No. Every pool we build is custom to the property and location. All estimates are based on square footage, not shape.

  • “Is a salt generator all it’s cracked up to be?”

    We believe so. Most people are more comfortable with salt system as it prevents the need to “add chlorine” when the level drops in the high summer heat. The generator keeps the chlorine level at a constant. Therefore, you do not have the of spike of chlorine level when low and chlorine needs to be added as opposed to the old fashioned way of adding liquid or tablets. Simply adjust the generator dials to generate the sanitation faster and harder out of the salt that is already in the pool. Water will evaporate from a pool but salt never does. Most common way salt leaves the pool is through displacement during cannonball flops or backwash of the sand filter. The nice thing about the salt generator is the fact that most systems take the guess work out of the weekly maintenance and testing. And the cost of salt is unbelievably economic compared to chlorine.

  • “Do you have to resurface a gunite pool every so many years?”

    NO. As long as the water is properly balanced and the pool is properly maintained, there should be no reason to re-plaster the interior of the pool. AS with any type of swimming pool, regularly checking your water chemistry along with regular brushing, vacuuming and maintenance ensures a long life of enjoyment.

  • “Do you use more chemicals in gunite pools than you do in vinyl or fiberglass pools?”

    Not necessarily. Each type of pool surface has its own requirements to maintain the elements of the water correctly, such as ph., alkalinity, cyanuric acid, hardness, and algae control. Hence, ALL types of pools require specific chemicals to balance water correctly.

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